Comparing Potbelly Salads

Contributor Post

Today, you get to meet another Nutritionista contributor! Please welcome Earl L. Earl is a health-conscious cook who loves running, good food, and exploring the world of molecular gastronomy. He post restaurant reviews, healthy recipes, molecular gastronomy experiments, and anything else related to food on his website, Toastable (check it out, he knows his stuff). In today’s post for YN, Earl’s talking salads from a “fast casual” place I actually have quite the soft spot for — Potbelly. I’m kind of in love with Potbelly’s chicken salad, and in general I think their food is above average for a sandwich shop.

Earl is analyzing Potbelly salads in this post, and he really gets down to the nitty-gritty in terms of the macronutrient breakdown in two of his favorites — the Uptown and Farmhouse salads. I love Earl’s scientific lens on food, and I think you will, too. Read on!

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