Celebrating Others Healthfully


I think one of the most difficult things about being on Whole30 is participating in the celebrations of loved ones. Saying no to non-Whole30 foods is just half the battle. The other half of the battle is trying to explain why you can’t partake in birthday cake, drinks, etc.

Since I’m now on my third Whole30, I feel like I have a little bit of experience with this. Just last night, I celebrated my man’s birthday without indulging in anything non-Whole30. Of course, it’s easy with him since he knows what I’m doing and gets why it’s important to me. It’s trickier if you’re around people who aren’t as close or don’t really understand why you eat the way you do.

Here are the things I’ve learned about celebrating others healthfully along the way:

It’s okay — I mean really OKAY —to say no to food.
We’ve all been in situations where we feel really guilty about turning down food, mostly because of who’s offering it to us. But you really CAN say no to food and not offer any explanation!

Sometimes no explanation is better than the truth.
People have a harder time arguing with no explanation than trying to explain that your eating plan doesn’t allow a certain food. “No, thanks,” is absolutely acceptable in almost all situations!

You can still participate in your own way.
Whether that means bringing your own special food, deciding to celebrate without food in a special way, or promising you’ll treat yourself after the event, make sure you do something special or different. Otherwise, you’ll feel deprived all around.

Your loved ones will never remember what you did or didn’t eat.
I promise you, they’re not the food police. Even if it becomes a little awkward to say no to food you’re offered, no one will remember who ate in no time at all. It’s not worth caving just to avoid a slightly awkward situation because it won’t matter at all soon enough.

You can celebrate without food.
I promise, you can! For my birthday this past year, I hosted a big Zumba class. Tons of fun, no food involved.

What other tips do you have for celebrating others healthfully?

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