Giada: Friend or Foe?

Okay, I’m curious: What do you guys think of Giada De Laurentiis? I want to like her, but I don’t know if I trust her.

Like, if I met her on the street, I would never believe she loves food. Do you think she actually eats the food she cooks on her show? I know she tries a bite and pretends to be in heaven — but is it real??

I ask because tonight, I’m planning on trying one of her recipes: Italian Wedding Soup. When wedding soup is done right, it’s SO hearty and delicious. But it can also be bland and shallow-tasting. Her recipe got absolutely rave reviews, so I’m curious to try it… And I’ll definitely report back.

In the mean time, here are some other recipes of hers that look respectable:

So, have you cooked any of Giada’s recipes? How are they?

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    I am personally in love with Giada. She does seem like the only genuine one on Food Network aside from Alton and a few...
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    i don’t trust anyone who’s head is too big for their body, and speaks fake italian.
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    I’ve made a couple of her recipes… Chicken Piccata and Chicken Scallopine Saffron and i’ve had many compliments on how...
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    I don’t how much of her own food she eats (although I believe to understand food enough to create recipes you do have to...
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