10 Reasons Early Summer is Good for Your Health

While it may not be such a great thing for our Earth, this unseasonably warm spring (or early summer, depending on how you look at it), it’s actually kinda awesome for your health/fitness goals. Even though I’m a little worried we might have a crazy summer, I’m grateful for the beautiful March days we’ve been having lately. Here are just a few reasons why.

  1. Two words: Outdoor workouts.
  2. Seasonal produce! Find a farmers’ market near you here and check out our tips for shopping at the farmers’ market here.
  3. Salads once again sound appealing. I don’t like standard lettuce-based salads (SNOOZE), but I do like hearty salads with plenty of healthy fats like avocado and hard-boiled egg. Learn how to create a more satisfying salad here.
  4. More daylight means waking up is (relatively) easy.
  5. Cliche as it is, warm weather reminds us that we may need to be seen in a bathing suit soon… which is motivating, to say the least.
  6. Ambitions to train for races are at their highest. Even my boyfriend, who’s never trained or attempted to train for any kind of race, is contemplating an Olympic triathlon. Curious about training? Read about my experience training for a half marathon here.
  7. Weather-induced couch potato guilt. Crashing on the couch after work when the sun is still blazing and it’s 70 degrees outside seems a little less acceptable.
  8. One word: Walking! Walking is SO underrated as a form of exercise, so let’s change that, mmk? I’ve been taking a couple walks a day (lunch breaks, tagging along with my friend who walks her dog, etc.), and it’s been great.
  9. Air-conditioning means eating soup is still okay. I’m going to be honest: I’m not going to make my Season of Soup goal, but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped eating soup! This week, I’m reviewing two of my favorite store-bought varieties.
  10. The dreariness of winter is gone. Lack of light and warm weather can be dreadful, but sunshine and warmth are like instant mood boosters. Take advantage!
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