Nutrition Advice for Real People Who Love Real Food

Welcome to Your Nutritionista!

I became interested in nutrition back in high school, when I researched all the diets I possibly could. If there’s a diet out there, I probably tried it — So I know the good, the bad, and the ugly of almost any diet! I’ve also researched every macro and micronutrient and (even more important) put them to work in thousands of recipes.

I put my knowledge to work when I began blogging on Your Nutritionista. I’ve been determined to answer each and every question that comes my way, along with providing easy and nutritious recipes, fun and challenging workouts, and general tips and tricks. I’m committed to helping real people get real advice about leading a healthy lifestyle.

And because of that committment, I’ve helped people with hundreds of nutrition and fitness dilemmas on the blog and via email, but now I’m making my advice personal and customized. When you tell me your story, I want to be able to respond with advice that’s right for YOU, not the tens of thousands of people reading my blog!

Nutritionista Personalized Consulting is all about YOU. It’s about how you live and which diet and fitness program works best for that lifestyle. It’s about telling me your story so I can create a plan that fits with your past, present, and future. It’s about having someone to be accountable to.

But I think the thing that sets me apart from the rest is that I genuinely want to see my clients succeed. I believe by partnering with my clients in a way that makes me accessible, relateable, and totally devoted to them, I can coach anyone through their challenges.